Adjustable Bed Buying Guide

The 6 Things to Look at in Adjustable Beds

An Adjustable Bed can be used as a medical necessity, or to transform your normal sleeping experience into a therapeutic, healthy rest. With all the different manufactures out there, we are often asked what to look for in an adjustable bed.

Here is a comprehensive guide to adjustable beds:

  • Head Up & Foot Up vs. Head Up Only

    Many adjustable bases come with the ability to raise both the head and the foot Independently. Many more, however, only have the ability to raise the head of the bed. Some move the Head and Foot of the bed together; the ability to raise the Head of the bed by itself is not there.

    Depending on your needs, you may only need an adjustable bed with the ability to raise the head. The benefits of raising the Head (top) of the bed are obvious, however, many people are unaware of the benefits of raising the foot of the bed. In addition to the comfort and options offered by raising or lowering the foot of the bed, you also benefit by easing the stress on your heart, helping your body relax. You also are less affected by gravity when your feet are raised. We find that many people end up regretting getting a Head Up Only adjustable bed down the road, and recommend that everyone purchase a bed with independent head and foot adjustability.

    Our TranquilityBed Adjustable Bed is equipped with independent head and foot operation. In addition, the head and foot can be raised higher than any other adjustable bed on the market today.

  • Do all Adjustable Beds come with Massage?

    Adjustable Beds are sometimes offered with a massage feature. This can be an amazing feature; imagine falling asleep each night while your body is slowly being massaged as if you were at the Spa.

    Unfortunately, not all massage systems are created to the same standards. As a selling point, many companies boast of “adjustable bed with massage”, and only include one small motor that vibrates. Many adjustable beds are also very loud, negating the relaxing effects.

    We spent hundreds of hours perfecting the massage feature on the TranquilityBed at Our Patented 16-setting Massage Feature is whisper quiet. It is powered by two separate motors—one for the head, and one for the foot. It has 3 different wave modes, and even includes a button that will alternate between all the different wave modes. You can also control the intensity of both the head and foot massage. It is on a self-timer.

  • Wired vs. Wireless Remote

    Adjustable Beds come with remote controls to control the functionality of the bed. Some are wireless, others are wired. This is a personal preference; just like some people misplace a television remote, some people misplace their adjustable bed remote, and therefore are better off with a wired remote that is attached to the base of the bed.

    e TranquilityBed comes standard with a wireless remote, but can be ordered with a wired remote if so desired.

  • Weight & Motor Requirements

    If you are heavier, you may require extra lift power from your adjustable bed. Most adjustable beds can handle 400 pounds or more, but you should always check this before purchasing if you are heavier. Keep in mind the weight of your mattress.

    Powerful motors can sometimes be loud. AC motors are usually louder than DC motors. Nicer adjustable beds come with whisper-quiet motors.

    The TranquilityBed is equipped with extra powerful DC motors that are also whisper quiet. A TXL has a weight limit of 450 lbs, while a queen can sustain 600 pounds.

  • What type of Warranty Should I expect?

    Adjustable Bed warranties vary widely from one company to the next. While most companies offer some sort of warranty, many manufacturers require you to return the bed to their factory for repair. This can be very costly, and inconvenient.

    A good adjustable bed warranty will cover the motor as well as the frame, and include the labor associated with a repair in addition to the parts needed.

    The TranquilityBed comes with an industry leading 25 year warranty that includes parts and labor. If anything at all should go wrong with your bed in the first two years, we will send a repairman to your home with the parts needed to repair the bed, free of charge.

  • Do All Adjustable Beds come with a Trial Period

    Very few adjustable beds come with any type of trial period. The TranquilityBed, however, comes with a 90 Day Risk Free Trial Period. If you are unsatisfied with our adjustable bed for any reason, you may return it within 90 days for Full Refund. All you pay is shipping.

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